I’ve been developing with Xamarin for a few years now and most of the time I do so using Visual Studio. Now, as with most technologies, Xamarin is constantly evolving and therefore updates are pushed out fairly frequently – that’s all good, we all like new stuff don’t we?

Well, I’ve always had a problem whereby Visual Studio would prompt me to say that there was an update available and that I should ‘Click Here to Update’ – the only problem being that this doesn’t actually do anything! In the past I’ve simply opened up Xamarin Studio, checked for and installed updates and then reopened Visual Studio – simple it’s a bit irritating.


Well with Xamarin now being part of Microsoft and after rebuilding my development workstation I find that Xamarin Studio is no longer installed with the rest of the Xamarin components when Visual Studio is installed. So how do I install the updates now?

Well, after posting that very question in the Xamarin Forums I was guided to the answer which seems so obvious now (that’s sarcasm by the way). I simply needed to navigate to: Tools > Options > Xamarin > Other > Check Now

Don’t know how I missed that 😉

Anyway – the bug with the notification looks like it’s fixed now but just in case I thought I’d post this here for the unwary.