This blog started back in 2009 when I was employed as a Software Developer for a local company working on web applications written using C# and the Microsoft MVC framework.

Since then I worked for nine years as a Contractor, working for numerous companies across many sectors, including Health & Social Care, Security, Risk Management, Defence and Robotics to name a few.

When the Covid-19 pandemic came along in 2020 the contracting market dried up overnight so combined with the pending tax changes (aka IR35) making it less worthwhile working for myself I decided to return to ‘regular employment’.

After nearly three years of regular employment I got itchy feet and decided to return to contracting.

During this time I have tried to blog about things that have interested and frustrated me. Acting as an ‘aide-mémoire’ for me so that I don’t have to remember how I overcame some problem or other and have to trawl the Internet all over again.

The blog itself has gone through many incarnations in terms of hosting. Starting with Joomla! and moving through Wordpress (self hosted on a Raspberry Pi) and Squarespace finally ending up back on Wordpress (hosted by this time).

Well, not quite finally. When changed their hosting plans I was paying quite a bit more than I thought I needed to look elsewhere.

The site is currently generated by a tool called Jekyll and being served up by Github Pages.

The conversion was quite a long but satisfiying process - revisting posts from going on 15 years ago, adding missing tags, fixing typos and generally seeing how things have moved on.