• Twitter - another one bites the dust?

    Back in 2019 I left Facebook and frankly haven’t missed it - even through the pandemic and repeated lockdowns here in the UK. I did however retain a presence on Twitter, two in fact - although I deleted the lesser used one earlier this year.

    For me, Twitter was a place I consumed information from prominent names in software development rather than risking the wrath of some nobody because they claimed to be offended by something I’d posted (I really don’t have time for that crap, maybe it’s my age).

    Well, with Twitter now apparently in freefall I started to wonder what I would do if (when??) it hits the ground.

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  • The future of MY dotnet development

    It’s been a few months since my last post, mainly due to the tedious process of moving house in the UK, but also due to work committments etc.

    That doesn’t mean that I’ve lost touch though - I’m keeping up to date with the development of MAUI (and whether it is actually ready for production use) and the constant evolution of dotnet (or is it .NET? - who knows these days).

    During the previous decade I’ve been working as a contractor and an employee, in numerous sectors on a wide variety of projects built using various incarnations of the .NET Framework.

    As the end of 2022 approaches I’m now looking forward, maybe not a full decade ahead but change is coming and I need to be ready for it.

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  • Visual Studio for Mac simctl error

    My investigations into Blazor have caused me to install a few preview apps, Visual Studio for Mac 2022 being one of them, and as with many preview apps it has problems.

    Most recently I needed to make some changes to the Smite Scoreboard app so duly flashed up the Mac and, even though I had installed it for Blazor investigations, Visual Studio for Mac 2022 Preview. After a few minutes reviewing the code a dialog was displayed advising that an update was available so I clicked to install it …. and that’s when the fun started.

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  • Flicking the switch on Github Pages

    Well, after a couple of months of investigations, configuration and migration the move from Wordpress to Github pages is all but done - just a few DNS configurations and you’ll be reading this post.

    My previous half a dozen posts describe the journey from Wordpress to Github Pages, my motivation for the move, the mechanics and the hurdles I faced.

    In general the process of hand migrating each and every post, reviewing the progress in technology since 2009, fixing typos & broken links was quite enlightening. Things have moved on a lot in that time and I have tried to keep up as best I can - knowing that I will never know it all.

    With this mini-project all but complete I can now start to think about what’s next on my TODO list - and it looks like it’s moving my other, personal, blog from Wordpress before it’s subscription expires. It’s much smaller than this blog and knowing what I know now it would be quite simple to migrate it to Github Pages - but I’m not going to..!

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  • Comment Import

    Following on from my previous update regarding the migration to Github Pages I decided to look at the importing of previous comments and have completed that process.

    I had previously thought about just discarding the comments but after reading through them it was clear that there was an amount of good content in there and seeing as people had taken the time to leave them I thought it was a bit harsh to just thrown them away.

    That being said, I have made the decision not to look at implementing a comment system into the new blog - if someone wants to contact me there’s always Twitter and Mastodon.

    Being a relative newbie to the whole Jekyll platform and the Liquid language I needed to do some research but quickly fell onto a post by Phil Haack where he discusses this very topic.

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