Motorhome Stopover

This is a companion application for the Motorhome Stopover website – you will need an active subscription to use this app!

Motorhome Stopover for Android & iOS

On The Fence Development has developed applications for Android (4.4+) and iOS (11+) which will allow users subscribed to the Motorhome Stopover website to access Stopover locations around the UK on their mobile devices.

Please note – the data provided by the applications comes directly from the Motorhome Stopover website and On The Fence Development have no control over this. If you experience problems with the data provided then please contact Member Support directly who will endeavour to resolve your issues.

Current Features:

  • Offline access to all Stopover locations registered with the Motorhome Stopover website
  • Ability to view facilities available at each location, e.g. Level Parking, Outside Tap, Waste Water Disposal etc.
  • Navigate to any stopover from current location using the devices built-in mapping/navigation application.

Planned Features:

  • Filtering of Stopovers, e.g. distance from current location and required facilities.
  • Better tablet/iPad support
  • Stopover ratings and member comments


If you encounter any problems while using the application, e.g. it crashes or displays errors messages, then please send an email via the About page within the app.

If possible provide screenshots of the application when you encountered the error and as many details as possible to assist with the subsequent investigations.

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Release History

VersionCommentsRelease Date
1.3.1 Android OnlyUpdated to fix issue opening Email, Dialer and Google Maps from with app10/10/2021
1.3.0Fixed critical issue due to expire SSL certificate
Numerous fixes and performance improvements
1.2.1Fixed bug which caused disabled Stopover locations to be displayed on map20/11/2019
1.2.0* Password Recovery
* Email and Call Stopover from the Details page
* Open Stopover Website from the Details page
* Updated Vehicle Length display on Details Page
1.1.1Authentication updates to integrate fully with the new website17/07/2019
1.0Initial Release16/06/2018