FillLPG Privacy Policy

On The Fence Development Ltd ceased trading as a Limited Company in June 2020. While this privacy policy still stands, references to the company are retained for historic purposes.

FillLPG for Android – Privacy Policy

For the avoidance of doubt it is stated that On The Fence Development Ltd are not in any way responsible for the FillLPG website ( or it’s content. On The Fence Development Ltd provide the FillLPG for Android application to provide access to the LPG Filling Station information for the purposes of viewing and maintaining said data.

What is collected the the application and how is it stored?

The FillLPG for Android application can function without any personal information being provided by the user. However, if the user wishes to use the application to update the information held by the website then they will need to provide the username and password that they used to register with the site.

While the username is stored in plain text for later use, the password is hashed before being stored. The password entered by the user is discarded and is never stored on the device nor does it leave the device.

Note that the hashed password cannot be ‘unhashed’ to produce the original password.

How is the information used?

The FillLPG website allows anonymous users to access the data on a read-only basis. However, registered users can update LPG filling station details as well as adding new filling stations to the database. The username and hashed password stored by the FillLPG for Android application are used to communicate with the FillLPG website, providing authentication to the site.

The FillLPG for Android application is configured to send Real Time crash and error information which is used to analyse issues with the software and to facilitate in the rectification of this issues. The information sent by the application will include the username of the user if they have logged into the application on the device.

The image to the right shows some additional information which is sent from the device.

Can i opt out?

The FillLPG for Android application can be configured not to send the Real Time crash/error reports via the Settings page. If this option is switched off then no data will be sent or stored on the device.

If you would like to have any data already collected removed from the system then please submit a request via the Contact Page.

If you do not wish for your password to be stored by the application, even in its hashed form, then simply log out – but be aware that you will only have read only access to the data.