FillLPG Overview

FillLPG for Android

Please read the this post which describes the end of development of this application.

FillLPG for Android is a native application for Android devices (supporting 4.0.1 – Ice Cream Sandwich and above) which displays LPG station locations along with their address and price per litre.

Initially the FillLPG website was aimed at UK users but increasingly members of the community are adding stations throughout Europe, including Spain, Norway, Lithuania and Greece – one has even popped up in India!

Please note – the data provided by the app comes directly from the FillLPG website and On The Fence Development have no control over it’s content or accuracy. It is maintained by the FillLPG community, for the FillLPG community.

If you experience any problems with the data provided then please contact the site webmaster.

The app is free to download and install and contains no adverts (and never will..!).

Current Features:

  • Offline access to LPG Filling Stations registered with the FillLPG website
  • Ability to view details for a given station including address, availability and price per litre
  • Registered FillLPG users can also login to the app to:
    • Add a new LPG Station
    • Update a stations price or availability
  • View nearby stations

Planned Features:

  • iOS Version
  • Display additional information such as opening hours, station notes and whether a station provides disabled access/assistance etc.
  • Offline price updates (updates will be pushed when your device next has internet access)

Known Issues:

  • Attempting to navigate to a location can fail to open the devices Navigation/SatNav application – this is particularly noticeable for non-UK locations.
  • It is not possible to login to the app on multiple devices with a single user account and perform updates on both – only the last device to be logged into can be used to update or add a station.
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