FillLPG Reduced Functionality Notice

Important News about FillLPG for Android (v 1.x)

With the FillLPG website adding new functionality and the new release of the FillLPG for Android app taking longer than anticipated it has been necessary to make a small update to the existing (quite old) app.

Users of the site now have the ability to flag a station has temporarily not supplying LPG or that the price is currently unavailable for some reason. Because these  features also defaulted to the station price to a zero or negative price they were showing up on the ‘Cheapest Stations’ list which caused a great deal of confusion.

The latest version of the application, 1.1.3, now ignores these stations when displaying the list but it was also necessary to remove the ability to edit or confirm prices for these stations.

Users will still be able to view the station details and use the navigate functions – but a message will now be displayed if they attempt to edit or confirm the price.

Stations which are not flagged, i.e. the majority, will still be editable as before – only these specially flagged stations will be read-only.

The new version of the application, FillLPG for Android v2.0, will be released soon – probably early March and probably still in Beta, i.e. not feature complete. This will give users the chance to access the new site functionality via the app and overcome many of the shortcomings of the current version.