Sometimes you just need an additional resource which doesn’t warrant the recruitment of a permanent member of staff but without it you’re going to miss that deadline. What do you do?

Contracted development services provide just that; an experienced developer who can integrate with your existing team and get up to speed with your requirements quickly, producing high quality code but will stay only as long as required.

On the face of it, Contractors may appear to be expensive but consider the lifetime costs of a permanent employee;

    • Recruitment agent fee
    • Gross Salary and Expenses
    • Employers National Insurance
    • Sick Pay, Holiday Pay Maternity/Paternity Pay
    • Pension Contributions
    • HR & Administration costs
    • Redundancy payouts
    • Notice periods

With a contractor there is a daily rate and possibly an agency fee (unless the contractor is engaged directly) and that’s all. Contractors do not expect to be paid when they are not working – if they fall ill or take time off then besides the loss of productive work there is no cost to the company as there would be with a permanent member of staff.

Also consider that while permanent employees may understand the business processes and effectively maintain the existing applications/systems, contractors will have experience from a wide range of projects which can bring significant benefits to the project work being undertaken. While permanent employees may try to keep up to date with the latest technologies in their own time their is nothing like gaining this experience in real world projects.

If you would like to discuss the contracted development services we provide then please contact us with details of your project.