FillLPG for Android – RIP

So, as per my previous post, I have now removed the FillLPG for Android app from the Google Play Store – and it won’t be coming back.

As promised in that post I have uploaded the installation file (actually ‘files’ – see below) and it can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

The file has been compressed into a ZIP archive to reduce the file size and to allow my blog to upload it – it gets a little fussy sometimes.

Note that to install the app without using the Play Store you will need to be happy with ‘side-loading’ onto your device.

There are many articles about this and it may well vary based on your device and what version of Android it is running – it won’t be possible for me to cover every permutation here so I won’t try.

I would recommend navigating to this page from the device you are intending to install the app onto, that way you won’t have to faff around with cables and the like to copy the installer over from a PC/Mac.

It does mean that you will need to be able to unzip the file on your device but again most devices will let you do this without any problem.

If you do run into problems then try a search for ‘unzipping on galaxy s7’ or something like that – you are bound to find something. The same goes for the side loading onto your device – Google (or Duck Duck Go) is your friend.

You should not need to install any other applications to perform the installation – so if an article suggests that you do I would find another article ;-).

If you have problems with unzipping the archive on your device then you may be better off downloading onto your PC/Mac and copying over from the extracted file. Again – the internet will be full of articles to help here, again I can’t possibly post instructions for every device.

For the security conscious among you I have also included the MD5 hash of the installer file (although you will need to download to a PC/Mac to check it). If you are using a PC then there is an MD5 tool built into Windows 10 that you can use – check my post for details on how to use it.

VersionFilesize (of APK)MD5 HashLink
I recommend copy/pasting the MD5 values as the font is making it difficult to tell zero’s from o’s (sorry about that).

Why two versions I hear you ask..!

The top one,, was the last one to be posted to the Play Store – the exact file you would have downloaded when it was available. At the time of writing there are over 12,000 active monthly users of this version and if there was a problem (a real problem) I would have heard about it!

The bottom one,, is basically that same release but compiled/built against Android Oreo and has a few library/component updates in an effort to make it a little future-proof. But I have only performed some basic testing of this release so if you encounter any issues with this one then I would recommend falling back to

Note: The app is now totally unsupported by myself and is at the mercy of the FillLPG website – which could disappear from the internet at any time. I don’t and never have had any control over the FillLPG website – when it dies, the app will die with it.

4 thoughts on “FillLPG for Android – RIP”

  1. That’ll be really sad if the app disappears. It’s the best about.

    But we can still update prices from the app, is that right?

    I don’t understand these things, shame it needs to have a website 😦

    1. Hi Freddy,
      Yes, you will still be able to update prices etc – basically everything you can do now.

      If you search FillLPG on this blog you’ll find more information about the trials and tribulations about writing and maintaining the app.


  2. I am very appreciated, about FillLPG app, is so missing if you use LPG and this very helps, I just downloaded the file, installed and its works. (at the moment a lot petrol stations take off LPG … but still a lot drives with LPG cars or use on motorhomes) Thank you very much, I am very happy

    1. Glad you were able to find this post so that you could continue using the app.

      The third party website is still available so prices can still be added and updated – keeping the data accurate for the LPG community.

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