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Telerik shouldn’t be a new name to you but if it is then I suggest you head on over to their main site,, and have a look.

This post relates to there Code Converter utility which I found a need for recently while maintaining a clients VB.NET application.

Although I used to develop mainly in VB.NET I am now predominantly working in C# and as anyone who has used both languages will tell you, flipping between one and the other is not exactly painless.

On this particular occasion I had an idea how I could fix the issue with the clients application code – but my idea was in C# – enter the Telerik Code Convertor.

The UI is simple – two text panes, one on the left for the language you want to convert and the other for the convertion output, a button to switch between converting from C# or VB.NET and a button to perform the conversion.

Simply set the appropriate ‘from’ language, enter the code to convert and then click the big red ‘Convert Code’ button. The converted code is displayed in the left-hand pane.

The tool is quite forgiving and won’t complain about missing brackets or semi-colons but remember – ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’.

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