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I don’t know about you but I get a little hacked off when I want to sign up for a simple something but have to give up so much of my personal data that I sometimes just look elsewhere.

Now I’m not talking about my name or even my email address, but why would a service want my home address when I’m not going to be sent any physical goods or my telephone number …. at all? Depending on the service/company I may see the need for this information and will provide it if it is really needed – but a lot of the time this information is just going to be sold on or used for sales calls that I neither signed up for or wanted.

With email it’s quite easy and like many people I may use email aliases on my domain, e.g. when I know I’m going to receive relevant emails and when I know it’s pretty much just an activation email or whitepaper link that will be sent.

I can make up a postal address which will actually go nowhere (I have actually used the address of the company I’m subscribing to in the past) but what about the phone number?

Well, I could just spin one of the top of my head but what about the poor devil who may be at the end of that random, but valid, number?

Well, that’s where Fake Number comes in.

Using this simple tool you can generate numbers which are guaranteed to be non-working (but will pass any format validations that a site may implement).

You can generate numbers for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hungary and Iceland.

Depending on the country you can generate landline, mobile or freephone numbers and know that they are not going to end up with someone being swamped with called because your data was sold on.

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