Online Tool(s) of the Month: Lorem Ipsum

I’m sure that many of us have used the Lorem Ipsum site to generate some dummy text to use as a placeholder in a webpage or similar. Just something that looks like real text but with no meaning whatsoever. This is ideal if you want to show something to a client when you don’t have the actual copy text yet or you want to play around with some CSS during development.

The thing is, that standard Lorem Ipsum is a little …. well dry to say the least. Yes it is supposed to be meaningless so why should it matter right? Well, just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean it can’t change.

Enter Bacon Ipsum! Yes, all the goodness of Lorem Ipsum but with a meaty twist 😉

Bacon ipsum dolor amet meatball kielbasa bresaola, frankfurter pork chicken meatloaf. Bresaola porchetta meatball, pork chop cupim venison shankle ground round meatloaf shank filet mignon beef ribs pancetta hamburger ham. Drumstick pork chop chicken tri-tip, capicola frankfurter ham ground round shank venison bresaola prosciutto chuck leberkas fatback. Turkey shoulder tail cow. Bacon beef ribs shank ham hock tail. Filet mignon prosciutto capicola boudin tongue.

You can choose between ‘All Meat’ or ‘Meat and Filler’ – there’s even a ‘spicy’ version for the heat seekers out there.

Any of course, Ipsum isn’t just for text – nope, you can (sort of) have Image Ipsum too. Need a sample food image 300px x 200px? No problem, just head over to Lorem Pixel.

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Of course, it’s not all about food – you can choose from numerous categories; City, Animals, Business, Cats (naturally), transport and more.

I’ve found these sites pretty useful in recent projects where I didn’t have the required assets to hand. Instead of spending time hunting around for images or suitable text from a clients website, I just grab some content from these services and carry on with the task at hand – development.

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