Online Tool of the Month: .NET Fiddle

I frequently find myself spinning up Visual Studio to create a simple Console Application just to hack out a small piece of functionality. In an attempt to not adversely affect the code I’m actually working on or having to step through the application to the required point, I create a simple project to quickly try things out.

Dot Net Fiddle User Interface

Examples include testing Regular Expressions and Linq queries.

Well I’ve been using .NET Fiddle (think JSFiddle for .NET) for a while now and it’s a great little tool for quickly trying these things out.

Not limited to C# Console Applications, .NET Fiddle also lets you write Script, MVC and Nancy projects using VB.NET or F#.

With the Auto Run option set to Yes the code is compiled whenever a change is detected so it’s ideal for my needs – outputting to the Console and quickly validating my code.

Compiler errors are displayed as normal and there is limited support for Nuget packages as well.

Best of all – it’s free to use and you don’t even need to sign up. What’s not to like?



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