Another year over, what have I learned?

It’s been an interesting year all things considered, I’ve had a couple of good contracts as well as some time ‘between contracts’ (see my last post for more details on that). The time when I was not actually engaged on a contract I’ve been able to pick up some freelance work and invest some time on personal projects and watching numerous Pluralsight courses to keep my skills current. All in all it was a pretty good year.

In January I declared 2014 ‘The Year of the Mobile’ and invested a lot of time (and money) into mobile development using the Xamarin platform. The FillLPG app is now in Beta release and I’m getting some good feedback from the small team of testers. I also have a mini-project which should hopefully see my first iPhone application in the App Store.

In 2015 I am hoping to continue with my Mobile development and am hoping to get FillLPG onto the iPhone/iPad. I do however realise that not everyone is looking for mobile developers so I need to keep my web development skills sharp as well.

I’ve also had an idea for an online service which will require the development of a website – so this should enable me to demonstrate MVC/WebAPI skills. At the same time the site may generate an amount of income, from user subscriptions and maybe Google Ads (shudders).

Now, I’m not one for making New Year Resolutions so I’ll call this my 2015 Personal Development Plan.

  • Watch at least 1 Pluralsight course a month, 2 if time allows.
  • Contribute to at lease 2 Open Source projects (probably via Github)
  • Release the Xamarin implementation of FillLPG for Android
  • Release first iOS application – basic application
  • Begin development of FillLPG for iOS
  • Design, develop and release subscription based website
  • Blog more!

So, once I’ve shaken of this cold – and the hangover from seeing in the New Year, it looks like I will be pretty busy.