All Change……

If you are one of the 100 or so previous visitors to the site then you may notice that it has changed quite a lot, in fact the more observant of you will notice that I am now running a WordPress Blog Engine rather than a Joomla! based CMS.
I decided to change to WordPress for a number of reasons but I belive in trying to use the right tools for the job and as the site was growing into more of a blog and while Joomla! can handle this it is pretty well accepted that WordPress is the No1 Blog engine on the Net. That’s not to say that Joomla was a load of rubbish but the learning curve was much, much greater with than with WordPress.

I also found that trying to find and install plugins was not as easy with Joomla! as it is with WordPress. The site will probably have quite a bit of code on it and trying to get Syntax Highlighting plugins for Joomla! was a nightmare. In contrast I had a WordPress one installed and working in minutes.

I’m not totally turning my back on Joomla! though as we are going to be using it within one of the projects we are running at work – so I’ll still need to climb the learning curve but at least I’ll be getting paid to do it which can’t be bad.

The only thing lacking (so far) is the ability to take the site offline (although I understand that the is a plugin for this) so if you are reading this around the same time I’m typing this post then be aware that I am still working with the imported data from the Joomla! site so some of the posts will be missing until I update the links etc.